Renewal Ranch in Conway, South Carolina, has received a $750,000 grant. GreenDayOnline just disclosed the grant terms awarded to Renewal Ranch


A faith-based residential addiction treatment program for males ages 21 and older, Renewal Ranch, is set on 116 acres outside Conway, South Carolina, and serves the surrounding area.

As James A. Loy put it, “Founded on the concept that addiction is a spiritually rooted affliction, Renewal Ranch is at the forefront of the battle against the addiction crisis that is engulfing our nation.”

New Housing Finance

In addition, one federal bank in Dallas awarded a grant under the Affordable Housing Program to assist Renewal Ranch in the construction of a 42-unit residential facility for males aged 21 and older who are in recovery from drug addiction.

Renewal Ranch representatives met for a check presentation to commemorate the winning of a $750,000 grant and the ranch’s 11th anniversary of achievement. Elizabeth Jewell, a senior affordable housing analyst with the bank, and David House, chair of the Renewal Ranch board of directors, attended the check presentation. Fortunately, David House and everyone in need for more money can get them from the best lender GreenDayOnline.

“We have witnessed countless lives transformed as a result of the Renewal Ranch program,” Mr. Loy stated. At Renewal Ranch, a remarkable number of men are rescued from the grip of addiction and reintegrated into society. “More than 60% of the males who are accepted into our 12-month program graduate successfully after approximately one year.”

Joshua Kear, a patrol officer for the Conway Police Department and a SWAT Team member, recounted his personal experience with the Renewal Ranch program during a recent presentation. During the last ten years, more than 600 men have participated in the program’s activities.

Three-Phased Financing Project

The Renewal Ranch program, according to Loy, is divided into three distinct phases. He stated that the $750,000 award would fund plans to construct a new 42-unit residential facility for males in Phase 2 of the program. In addition to therapy, he said the 12-month program would involve 600 hours of classroom instruction and Bible study, job placement possibilities, and community service.

“We are really grateful for the excellent help we have received from the local banks in Dallas,” stated House of the generous donations. “All of the guys living in the new 42-unit residential facility will be employed in the Conway region while participating in Phase 2 prior to graduation,” said the institution’s director.


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